125+ scholarships for students of all kinds

The School of Liberal Arts has one of the largest scholarship programs at IUPUI. Each year we award more than $275,000 in scholarships to current undergraduates, incoming freshmen, and graduate students.

Most of our scholarships are for current undergraduates, to reward exceptional work (such as a paper or essay written for a class), fund projects with faculty, and support study abroad. We have two awards for incoming freshmen: the prestigious Sam Masarachia Scholarship and the Mary F. Crisler Scholarship.

Three important things

  1. Some awards take financial need into consideration, so be sure to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  2. Scholarships are just one of your financial aid options.
  3. You can find even more scholarship opportunities through the IUPUI Office of Student Scholarships.

Application process and deadlines

Most School of Liberal Arts scholarships require an application and have a deadline of February 1. You can submit a general application for many of the scholarships, but some have additional requirements.

For each scholarship, be sure to read the application requirements and award criteria carefully.

Questions? Contact our scholarship manager at 317-274-1634 or

Find scholarships and apply

132 results found

Name Department
Academic Achievement Award for Africana Studies Africana Studies
Olaniyan Scholars Africana Studies
The Preston Eagleson Award Africana Studies
Turner-Wright Scholarship in African American Studies Africana Studies
Academic Achievement Award for Anthropology Anthropology
Friends of Anthropology Scholarship Anthropology
Greek Goddess Scholarship in Anthropology Anthropology
Manuela Reynolds Award Anthropology
Academic Achievement Award for Communications (Graduate) Communication Studies
Academic Achievement Award for Communication Studies (Undergraduate) Communication Studies
Burns/Wagener Scholarship in Communication Studies Communication Studies
Petronio-Bantz Graduate Student Travel Award Communication Studies
Academic Achievement Award for Economics Economics
Carlin Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Economics
Robert B. Harris Graduate Teaching Recognition Scholarship in Economics Economics
Robert Kirk Outstanding New Economics Major Award Economics
Academic Achievement Award for English English
Barbara E. and Karl R. Zimmer Graduate Scholarship in English English
Bonnie Lehenbauer Scholarship English
Brian McDonald Legacy Scholarship in Literature English
Collaborative Writing Award English
Creative Nonfiction Writing Award English
English for Academic Purposes W130 Award English
English for Academic Purposes W131 Award English
Eric Sharp Gateway Fiction Award English
Eric Sharp Gateway Poetry Award English
Essay Award in English English
Frank N & Patricia Owings Scholarship in English English
Hal Tobin First-Year Writing Award English
Joan and Larry Cimino Award for Excellence in Intercultural Communication English
Marianne Hedges Award for Excellence in Poetry English
Mary Louise Rea Short Story Award English
Peter Bassett Barlow Prize English
Rebecca Pitts Fiction Award English
Rebecca Pitts Poetry Award English
Sarah Jamison Keller Scholarship English
Writing & Literacy Project Award English
Academic Achievement Award for General Studies General Studies
Irving J. Levy Scholarship General Studies
Jean C. and Gerald L. Bepko Lifelong Learner Award General Studies
Lippman's "Fresh Start" Scholarship General Studies
Ronald M. Lindle Adult Learner Scholarship General Studies
William M. Plater General Studies International Scholarship General Studies
Academic Achievement Award for Geography Geography
Geography Alumni New Major Award Geography
Geography Conference Travel Award Geography
Robert Barrows History Graduate Student Paper Scholarship History
Seregny Award for the Best History Student History
Thelander Memorial Scholarship History
Muhammad Shafi Memorial Scholarship Individualized Major Program
James W. Brown Scholarship Journalism & Public Relations
Academic Achievement Award for Journalism and Public Relations Journalism & Public Relations
M. William Lutholtz Memorial Scholarship Journalism & Public Relations
Patrick McKeand Scholarship Journalism & Public Relations
Society of Professional Journalists/Bettie Cadou Memorial Scholarship Journalism & Public Relations
Latino Studies Academic Achievement Award Latino Studies Program
Latino Studies Service Award Latino Studies Program
Luis Alberto Ambroggio Award Latino Studies Program
Audrey Harshbarger Study Abroad Scholarship Liberal Arts
Barbara White Thoreson Scholarship Liberal Arts
Buhner2 Scholarship for Student Veterans Liberal Arts
Frances Dodson Rhome Scholarship Liberal Arts
Gail M. & William M. Plater International Scholarship for Community Engagement Liberal Arts
IUPUI Liberal Arts Works Scholarship Liberal Arts
James R. East Scholarship Fund Liberal Arts
Joseph and Lillian Zeglin Scholarship in the Humanities Liberal Arts
Alice Chandler Gockley and Gordon E. Gockley Memorial Scholarship Liberal Arts
Andy Jacobs Jr. Memorial Scholarship Liberal Arts
Loretta Lunsford Scholarship Liberal Arts
Margaret A. Cook Foreign Study Scholarship Liberal Arts
The Mary F. Crisler Scholarship Liberal Arts
P.M.G. and M.S.W. Harris Study Abroad Scholarship Liberal Arts
Rebecca E. Pitts Memorial Scholarship Liberal Arts
Robert Stine Memorial Scholarship Liberal Arts
Sam Masarachia Scholars Program Liberal Arts
School of Liberal Arts Alumni Association Scholarship Liberal Arts
School of Liberal Arts Dean’s Scholarship Liberal Arts
School of Liberal Arts Staff Scholarship Liberal Arts
Sidney Houston Memorial Scholarship Liberal Arts
Sutton Scholars International Experience Fund Liberal Arts
Thomas E. Grossman, Jr. Scholarship Liberal Arts
Zora Neal Hurston-Mari Evans Scholarship Liberal Arts
Daniel Nützel Memorial Scholarship Max Kade German-American Center
Max Kade German Double Major/Dual Degree Scholarship Max Kade German-American Center
Max Kade German-American Center Study Abroad Travel Grants for German Max Kade German-American Center
Max Kade Graduate Scholarship Max Kade German-American Center
Academic Achievement Award for Medical Humanities Medical Humanities
William Schneider Student Essay Award in Medical Humanities Medical Humanities
Greek Goddess Scholarship in Museum Studies Museum Studies
Academic Achievement Award for Philosophy Philosophy
Adam Hayden Philosophy Scholarship Philosophy
Brand Fellowship in Bioethics Philosophy
Jean Martin Maxwell Philosophy Prize Philosophy
John Riteris Memorial Scholarship Philosophy
Laurence Lampert Scholarship in Philosophy Philosophy
Michael Burke/John Tilley Fund for Graduate Students Philosophy
Sophia Prize in Philosophy Philosophy
Terry Helene Mills Award in Philosophy Philosophy
Academic Achievement Award for Political Science Political Science
Clara Margaret Powell Undergraduate Research Fund Political Science
James E. Sawyers Memorial Scholarship Political Science
P.E. MacAllister Political Science Scholarship Political Science
Robert V. Kirch Scholarship Political Science
Survey Research Award Political Science
Winslow Prize in Political Theory Political Science
Rowland A. Sherrill Prize in Religious Studies: Essay Contest Religious Studies
Rowland A. Sherrill Religious Studies Outstanding Student Award Religious Studies
Tony Sherrill Up-and-Coming Student Award Religious Studies
Academic Achievement Award for Sociology Sociology
David C. Bell Theory Fellowship in Sociology Sociology
Sociology Essay Award Sociology
Sociology Paper Award Sociology
Sociology Service Learning Award Sociology
Suzanne K. Steinmetz Scholar in Sociology Sociology
Anne & Dolores Donchin Memorial Service Award Women's Studies
Anne Donchin Women’s Studies Graduate Research Contest Women's Studies
Arminda B. and Jean C. Bepko Scholarship in Women’s Studies Women's Studies
Friends of Women’s Studies Scholarship Women's Studies
Indianapolis Women’s Rotary Club Scholarship Women's Studies
Women's Studies Undergraduate Essay and Research Writing Contest Women's Studies
The Beaudry Summer Scholarship Fund for French and Francophone Studies World Languages & Cultures
Bersier World Language Scholarship World Languages & Cultures
Classical Studies Travel Award World Languages & Cultures
Dolores J and Giles R Hoyt IUPUI German Scholarship World Languages & Cultures
German Engineering Award World Languages & Cultures
Greek Goddess Scholarship in Classical Studies World Languages & Cultures
Greek Goddess Scholarship in French World Languages & Cultures
Margaret A. Cook Academic Achievement Award for French World Languages & Cultures
The Marius J. Fauré Family Scholarship World Languages & Cultures
Nancy Newton Study Abroad Scholarship World Languages & Cultures
World Languages Academic Achievement Award for German World Languages & Cultures
World Languages Academic Achievement Award for Spanish World Languages & Cultures