Jean Martin Maxwell Philosophy Prize

Jean Martin Maxwell Philosophy Prize


This prize is awarded to a student enrolled in the philosophy master's program for a significant essay which is judged to be superior. This prize honors the memory of Jean Martin Maxwell (1924-2005) who discovered a passion for the study of philosophy when, as an adult returning student, she undertook a master's degree program in the history and philosophy of education at Northern Illinois University. Her master's thesis on the Phenomenology of William James confirmed her interests, and she subsequently went on to teach introductory philosophy courses.

Selection Criteria

Recipient will be pursuing a master's degree in philosophy at IUPUI. A GPA greater or equal to 3.3 out of a 4.0 scale is required. The department bases its selection on faculty evaluation of a significant essay in philosophy, superior scholastic achievement, faculty recommendations, and active engagement with the Department of Philosophy.

How to Apply

No application, faculty nominated and selected.

Nominated students will receive an email notification requesting additional information is completed utilizing the One.IU scholarship management system.