Student Council


Officers are elected in the spring and take office in the fall.

The 2022-2023 officers are:

President: Laure Ryle,
Vice-President: Kiera Sloan,
Secretary: Payal Shah,
Treasurer: Maryan Hassan,
Public Relations: Madyson Faigh,
USG Senator: Zachary Barnett,
GPSG Representative: Anneka Scott,


Representatives include all students who attend the council’s meetings, many of whom are from the student organizations in the School of Liberal Arts. At least one representative from each student organization should participate. All organizations who request funding from the LASC should have representatives attend the monthly meetings.

If you want to get involved in the council, being a representative is a good way to start!


Have questions? Want to get involved?

You can reach us at:
School of Liberal Arts Student Council
• 317-274-2465
• Cavanaugh Hall 504A: Officers hold regular office hours here. Drop in or write to an officer to schedule an appointment. During other hours, questions can be directed to CA243D.

Visit us on The Den for:
• Monthly meeting schedule
• Meeting minutes
• Campus and community event info
• Discussion forums
• Funding request forms for student organizations within the school

You can also find us on Facebook.