A Welcome Message from Dean Tamela Eitle

A Welcome Message from Dean Tamela Eitle

As an IU alum, I have fond memories of arriving in Indiana in 1990 in an old Chevette with everything I owned in a few boxes. At IU, I was lucky to find a community of friends and colleagues and opportunities to explore questions about the social world in a supportive and generous intellectual environment. I am excited to return to Indiana and privileged to join the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. Our school’s signature strengths are the breadth of disciplines and distinguished faculty that encourage students to discover their passions, view issues and challenges from various perspectives, and apply what they have learned to make a difference in their communities, the state, and the world.

Liberal Arts graduates think critically and creatively, solve problems, and communicate effectively. Most importantly, Liberal Arts graduates are flexible learners and prepared to adapt as digitization and automation transform the economy, the job market, and how our graduates will interact and communicate within diverse families, communities, and industries.

In addition to serving our majors, the Liberal Arts complement the education of every student at IUPUI. Students from across the university take courses in disciplines such as writing, communications, political science, history, literature, economics, languages, or religious studies. Students from other schools or colleges may enhance their degree by earning a second major, a minor, or a certificate in one of the many interdisciplinary programs in the School of Liberal Arts such as advertising, intercultural health, social justice organizing, or medical humanities.

Students who study in the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of themselves and the world, engage with the community, do research, and learn from innovative scholars and educators. They are leaders on campus and future leaders in their careers and communities.

As our school campaign says, Right time, Right place, Right now for Liberal Arts! Right now really is the right time to earn a liberal arts degree at IUPUI. I look forward to collaborating with the students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends as we seek new ways to advance diversity and equity, enhance academic and engagement opportunities, and graduate students prepared to be problem solvers in an increasingly complex world.

Tamela Eitle

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