Student Ambassadors

Sharing their love for the School of Liberal Arts

Our Student Ambassadors represent the school to future students, alumni, donors, and the community.

Being an Ambassador is a great way to support your school, to network with people at IUPUI and in Indianapolis, and to get valuable experience for your resume and your IUPUI Top 100 Students application.

Read this page to learn what Ambassadors do and how to apply.

What do Ambassadors do?

  • Represent the school at events like the Joseph Taylor Symposium and Liberal Arts Talks.
  • Help recruit students to the school by speaking to prospective students
  • Participate in orientation workshops
  • Guide new students as they adjust to the school and IUPUI
  • Assist faculty and staff
  • Interact with alumni and donors, business and community leaders, and the public

How much of a commitment is it?

Ambassadors must volunteer for two events per semester. Many help with more.

Ambassadors are selected for one-year terms and may be invited back for additional years.

Students smile and pose for a picture.
Students tie knots and work with camping equipment.
Two female students carry camping equipment.

Top image: former Ambassadors. Bottom images: Ambassadors clean and set up a campsite during the César Chávez Day of Service.

Tyauna Valliant

I’ve grown tremendously as a result of being a Student Ambassador. I’m much more open minded and willing to tackle new things and talk to new people. I’ve met so many intelligent people who have helped me to think differently about the world.

Tyauna Valliant, former Ambassador

2018–19 Ambassadors

Charlette Bowling
General Studies; Communication Studies and Sociology minors

Joshua Cheek
Geography and Journalism and Public Relations; French minor

Laura Colantonio
English; Literature minor

Jaelynn Crook
Medical Humanities and Health Studies

Benjamim Eduardo
Graduate Student

Siera-Marie K. Gargiulo
Philosophy and Mythology & Folklore

John Hanks
Economics; Math and Philosophy minors

Ashley Holt
Medical Humanities and Health Studies

Noelle Kane

Jaycie Kemp
Journalism and Public Relations

Scott McCain
English and Political Science; Forensic Science and Legal Studies minors

Amira Nafiseh
Biology and Medical Humanities and Health Studies; Sociology minor

Taylor Niemann-Ingles
Graduate Student
Applied Communication

Olivia Pretorius
English; Spanish minor; Museum Studies certificate

Eden Rea-Hedrick
English; French, History, and Philosophy minors

RaeVen Ridgell
Africana Studies

Trenna Soderling
English and ASL/English Interpretation

Mariam Sylla
French and Public Health

Caroline Trackwell
General Studies; Psychology and Sociology minors

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