Learning Communities

Find your group, and explore liberal arts together

Our students love to learn, to improve the world, and to do both alongside other thoughtful people. We have two types of communities that bring our students together for meaningful learning:

  • The Liberal Arts Residential Based Learning Community, or Liberal Arts Community for short
  • Themed Learning Communities

Live with other liberal arts majors

The Liberal Arts Community blends studying and socializing to help you bond with students and faculty, explore liberal arts, and learn how to make your mark.

Located in North Hall, the community offers academic, service, and social activities on campus and in Indianapolis. You’ll explore your values and goals, learn about resources at IUPUI, develop leadership skills, and grow as a student, citizen, and future professional. And you’ll interact often with faculty and staff—for example, by working with faculty on research and service projects.

You can apply to live here if you’re an undergraduate student, you’re enrolled in classes, and you’ve been admitted to the School of Liberal Arts as a direct admit or as a current IUPUI student.

Learn more about the Liberal Arts Community

Themed Learning Communities for first-year students

Explore a topic that interests you, make friends, and set yourself up for success in one of IUPUI’s Themed Learning Communities (TLCs).

Every fall the School of Liberal Arts offers several TLCs for first-year students. Each TLC includes three or four courses connected by a theme, like gender, language, and power, or justice and democracy. One of the courses is a first-year seminar that helps you transition to college life.

Enrolling in a TLC has more benefits, too:

  • Small classes, so you’ll become close with your classmates
  • A faculty member, advisor, mentor, and librarian you can turn to for advice
  • Field trips and other experiences that bring your classes to life and introduce you to opportunities

Each year a few TLCs are connected to the IUPUI Bridge Week Program. You can enroll in a Bridge TLC to jump-start your college career.

At your IUPUI orientation, ask your advisor which TLC is best for you.

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