Theodore Thelander, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Theodore Thelander, Jr. Memorial Scholarship


This scholarship is awarded to an IUPUI student for superior achievement on a paper on a historical subject. The History Department faculty present this scholarship in memory of Theodore Thelander, Jr., a former member of the department.

Selection Criteria

The scholarship shall be awarded to an outstanding student in history enrolled at IUPUI.

  • Papers must be written by an undergraduate student currently enrolled as a history major at IUPUI. Any paper written on a historical topic for any undergraduate IUPUI class in the current academic year is eligible for this award.
  • Papers must be double-spaced AND in final form, e. a clean, typed copy that is free of all comments by previous readers. You may revise the paper from what you submitted to the class.
  • Preference is given to papers of at least 12 pages in length that incorporate research into both primary sources and historical scholarship. Papers must conform to standard citation practices, g., MLA, The Chicago Manual of Style, or Turabian's A Manual for Writers.
  • Papers must not contain the student's name. Attach a separate cover sheet with the title of the paper and your name, address, e-mail, telephone number, and student ID Also indicate for which class the paper was originally written (course number, instructor, and semester) and indicate that you are submitting the paper for the Thelander Award.
  • Papers will be judged by the History Department Awards Committee on the basis of their research, analysis, originality, and writing.

How to Apply

Visit our scholarship application website to apply for this scholarship and others.

Visit our scholarship application website