Writing and Literacy Project Award

Writing & Literacy Project Award


This award is presented to an undergraduate student for an outstanding project composed in a professional and public writing course that focuses on a topic or issue in the field(s) of composition/writing studies/rhetoric/literacy studies.

Selection Criteria

Qualified applicant projects may include any of the following:

  • research into writing practices;
  • critical reflections on writing processes;
  • explorations of literacy;
  • theory or theory-informed practice on the learning and teaching of writing;
  • analytical discussion of or research on any concept from the field(s) of composition/rhetoric/writingstudies/literacy

The written product can be in any genre, including multi-genre and multi-modal pieces. Students may submit up to two (2) separate pieces. Courses qualifying for this award include the following: W210, W230, W231, W262, W270, W310, W313, W315, W318,

W320, W331, W366, W377, W390, W400, W411 (if done with a writing and literacy focus), W412, W426, and W496. Note: Work entered in this contest should not be entered in the Essay Award contest.

How to Apply

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