Sherrill Prize Departmental Internship

Sherrill Prize Departmental Internship


This award honors the memory of longtime Chair and Professor of Religious Studies, Rowland A. Sherrill. In addition to the monetary benefit of the award, students should consider how this award could also enhance future applications to graduate school and/or employers, both of which often seek evidence that an applicant can demonstrate real-world experience through an internship. A major benefit of this award is the opportunity to have those skills formally recognized.

The Sherrill Prize Departmental Internship will be available to students who have taken at least 3 credits in Religious Studies (at IUPUI or other institutions) and who are interested in promoting the mission of the department in furthering the academic teaching and study of religion in its many forms. The Departmental Internship will consist of a $1,000 award for the upcoming academic year in which the student will spend roughly two hours/week working under the direction of the department chair to coordinate Social Media engagement, promotion of courses, and other department activities.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be applied to the evaluation of the essays:

  1. Applicants should submit a 200-300 word essay explaining their interest in Religious Studies and complete specific supplemental question(s).
  2. Essays should exhibit a clearly stated thesis and a coherent argument supported by cogent and concrete examples of any relevant experience or skills they bring to the project (a guide for constructing a critical introduction to an essay, which includes the development of a thesis statement, is available from the Religious Studies office.)
  3. Essays should follow university guidelines for academic integrity.
  4. Finalists must be willing to participate in an interview by department faculty.

How to Apply

Visit our scholarship application website to apply for this scholarship. You must meet the eligibility requirements.

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