Course Promotion

Course Promotion

IU School of Liberal Arts faculty are asked to share course options with their students to increase class enrollments. This includes Liberal Arts courses you teach, other courses offered by your department or program, or other courses that are relevant or interesting to your students.

Below are actions you can take to promote a course and the resources to help you.

Updating class descriptions

One of the best promotion strategies is for instructors to update the Class Descriptions in One.IU with pertinent information. You might state whether “All majors are welcome” or if “All majors and class standings are welcome.” These details are important because first-year students may be hesitant to take a 300-level course unless it is explicitly stated they can. These details can also help academic advisors across campus who are recommending courses to students.

Working with Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Team in the School of Liberal Arts Office of Student Affairs can help:

  • Encourage registration for relevant courses with the students they advise
  • Share course information announcements with students via Canvas
    (Note: Advising can help or faculty can be added to make their own announcements. Announcements are text-based.)
  • Connect with other advisors on campus, such as University College, when appropriate

Connect with Academic Advising by email.

Creating promotional materials

Class promotion should begin as soon as the schedule is posted, which means materials may need to be prepared weeks in advance of that date. The spring and summer schedule is posted mid-September. The fall schedule is posted mid-February.

The Administrative Shared Services team member that supports your department or program can:

  • Update your department or program website to reflect the new course offering
  • Create a branded PowerPoint slide you or other faculty can use in your class(es)
  • Create a branded digital and/or printed informational flyer that can be shared directly with students and/or sent to the Dean’s Office for display on the slat walls in Cavanaugh Hall
  • Post a blog entry about your course for your department or program blog
  • Create a social media graphic for use on your department or program social media channel(s) (if applicable; do not create new accounts)
  • Send an email message via Outlook to a targeted list of students you provide (e.g., your department’s current majors or minors)

Note: Digital signage throughout Cavanaugh Hall and the School’s social media channels are reserved for marketing school news, announcements, and events. Exceptions may be made for promoting new programs, degrees, or courses.

If you have further questions, please contact Loretta Good, executive director of communications & strategic operations.