Syllabus Supplement

Syllabus Supplement

Updated August 2018


Withdrawals after the first week of classes require approval of an academic advisor and may require a signed schedule adjustment form. See, the Schedule of Classes, or the Campus Bulletin for more information. A basic requirement of this course is that a student will participate in class and conscientiously complete writing and reading assignments. Students must inform their instructor in a timely manner if they are unable to attend class or complete an assignment on time. If a student misses more than half of class meetings within the first four weeks of the semester without contacting the instructor, the student may be administratively withdrawn from the section. Administrative withdrawal may have academic, financial, and financial aid implications. Administrative withdrawal will take place after the full refund period, and if administratively withdrawn from the course a student will not be eligible for a tuition refund.


Incompletes are rarely given, and then only if at least 75% of the work has been completed at a passing level, and extreme circumstances prevent completion of the remaining work. For more information, see

Honors credit can be arranged with the IUPUI Honors Program. For more information, contact 0124 University Library/ (317) 274-2660/

The Student Advocate Office will answer questions, direct students to the appropriate departments and people, familiarize students with university policies and procedures, and give guidance as students look at ways to solve problems and make choices. For more information, contact (317) 278-7594 / /

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): If you find that life stressors are interfering with your academic or personal success, consider contacting (CAPS). All IUPUI students are eligible for counseling services at minimal fees. CAPS also performs evaluations for learning disorders and ADHD; fees are charged for testing. CAPS is located at Walker Plaza, Suite 220 719 Indiana Avenue. For more information, contact (317)274-2548 /

The University Writing Center provides free assistance to students at any stage of the writing process. Please visit them for friendly advice about your writing assignments or to make an appointment. For more information, contact CA 427/(317) 274- 2049

The IUPUI Speaker’s Lab is an on-campus resource that is available to help you become a better speaker. Whether you need assistance in brainstorming topics for your speech, drafting your online, or practicing your presentation, we are available to assist you. Our mentors can provide you the tools you need to feel comfortable and successful in overcoming your fears.

fter working with us, you will feel more comfortable and confident about your presentation. For more information, contact CA 001G/

Diversity: In our classroom we will accept and respect individual differences, seeking to foster an appreciation of diversity. Students are expected to respect other students and their opinions regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, or sexuality.