IU School of Liberal Arts Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

Table of Contents

I.     Purpose
II.    Review Process
III.   Responsibilities of the Candidate
IV.   Responsibilities of the Department Chair
V.    Responsibilities of the Department’s Promotion and Tenure Committee: The Primary Committee
VI.   Responsibilities of the SLA Promotion and Tenure Committee
VII.  External Letters of Recommendation
VIII. Joint and Adjunct Appointments and Involvement in Multiple Programs
IX.   Guidelines for Evaluating Public Research and Applied Research
X.    Guidelines for Evaluating Balanced Cases
XI.   Guidelines for Extending an Offer with Tenure to a Search Candidate
XII.  Guidelines and Procedures for Negative and Divergent Recommendations for Tenure and/or Promotion

Appendix 1: Candidates for Promotion and/or Tenure Form
Appendix 2: [Note: New appendix on applied/public scholarship will be reviewed, approved, and inserted later.]

Appendix 3: SLA P&T Criteria
Appendix 4: SLA Promotion Criteria for Lecturers

Appendix 5: SLA Policy on Clinical Faculty Appointments
Appendix 6: SLA Associate Faculty (Adjunct Lecturer) Promotion Policy

Appendix 7: SLA Third-Year Review Procedures
Appendix 8: IUPUI Third-Year Review Policy

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