Academic interests

Cognitive linguistics, interpreting and translation, second language acquisition, and bilingualism


Text Analysis (ASL-I 305), Discourse Analysis of ASL (ASL - L 342), Discourse Analysis of English (ASL -L340)


White, J (2014). Cognitive spaces: Expanding participation framework by looking at signed language interpreters’ discourse and conceptual blending. The International Journal of Translation and Interpreting Research. Vol. 6, No. 1

White, J. & Multra Kraft, C. (2014) Strong Voicer: Deaf Individuals vs. Interpreter Perspectives. Conference of Interpreter Trainers Conference Proceedings.

White, J., Renguette. C., Multra Kraft, C. (2016) Interactional American Sign Language cues; Can they be taught? Proceedings from the European Sign Language Interpreter Forum 2015. To say or not to say; challenges of interpreting from sign language to spoken language. Warsaw, Poland.


Nationally certified ASL interpreter practicing in a variety of venues; committee work with State Chapter of Interpreters (ICRID) and Department of Education; Member of the Board of Interpreter Standards

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