Academic interests

Robbins currently focuses his research and published professional writing on modern French civic and art history. He is especially interested in radical and anarchist graphic artists revolutionizing the production of mass-circulation, illustrated publications in the print worlds of modern Paris and other European capital cities. His new research encompasses the cultural history of visual satire, irreverent, comic mockeries of all authorities in multiple media, and the visual politics of the French Third Republic. Robbins is currently at work on the first major study in English of radical, anarchist illustrated publications in modern Paris, such as the acerbic Assiette au beurre, their enterprising editors, technical production staffs, and affiliated radical artists of both French and international origins.


IUPUI Outstanding Tenure Track Faculty Award 1997 and TERA Award for Teaching Excellence 1997


City on the Ocean Sea, Urban Society, Religion, and Politics on the French Atlantic Frontier, 1530-1650. Vol. 64 in the series Studies in Medieval and Reformation Thought (E.J. Brill, Leiden, Netherlands, 1997); articles in French Historical Studies, FrenchHistory, and Journal of Social History ; articles on illustrated European, French, and American comic serials in Ridiculosa (2012-2013); book chapters in The Flâneur Abroad (2014); Visualizing Violence in Francophone Cultures (2015); Architectures of Display (2016).

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