Academic interests

Privacy, disclosure, confidentiality, health communication, family communication, interpersonal relationships, on-line social media, Communication Privacy Management Theory


ethics, disclosure, confidentiality, and privacy management, health communication, family communication.


Keynote Speaker, "Big Data: Challenges in Life Sciences Conf., 2014; Keynote Speaker, Amsterdam Privacy Conference; Keynote Speaker, International Association for Relationship Research, 2008; Keynote Speaker for the Southern States Communication Association, 2011, IARR Recognition Award, 2010President of International Association for Relationship Research (2006-07); Elizabeth Andersch Award for Outstanding Scholarship, Ohio University, 2007; Keynote speaker Honor, Summit on Communication on Trust, University of Denver, CO (2006); Congressional Briefing on Privacy (2005); International Association for Relationship Research Book Award (2004); National Communication Association, Gerald R. Miller Book Award (2003); National Communication Association, Bernard J. Brommel Lifetime Award for Excellence in Family Communication Scholarship and Service (2003); Bernard Brock Award for Scholarly Research (2003); Keynote speaker, Privacy and Disclosure, Penn State University (2003).


  • Numerous books and journal articles including most recently:Child, Petronio, Agyeman-Budu, Westermann (2011). Blog scrubbing: Exploring triggers that change privacy rules. Computers in Human Behavior; Petronio & Sargent (2011). Disclosure predicaments arising during the course of patient care: Nurses privacy management. Health Communication; Petronio (2010). Communication privacy management theory: What do we know about family privacy regulation? Journal of Family Theory and Review; 
  • Co-author, Privacy and disclosure of HIV/AIDS in interpersonal relationships: A handbook for researchers and pratitioners (in press);
  • Author, Boundaries of Privacy: Dialectics of Disclosure (2002);
  • Editor, Balancing the Secrets of Private Disclosure (2000);
  • articles in Patient Education and Counseling, Journal of Family Communication, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Communication Studies.


Director of the IUPUI Translation of Research into Practice Campus-Wide Initiative; Special Issue Editor, Journal of Family Communication; Associate Editor, Journal of Family Communication, Western Journal of Communication, Advisory Board, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Personal Relationships Journal, Communication Studies, Journal of Applied Communication Research; Extensive professional and academic service including:

  • Advisory Board Member, Skillman Center for Children, Wayne State University;
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Family Communication (1999-), Journal of Communication (1999-2000), Communication Monographs (1996-1999)

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