Spanish and Portuguese Literatures and Cultures

PhD, Princeton University: Spanish and Portuguese Languages & Cultures (Medieval/Early Modern Spanish Peninsular Literature).

MA, Princeton University: Spanish & Portuguese Languages & Cultures.

MA, University of Western Ontario: Hispanic Transatlantic Studies.

Licenciado (BA + MA), Autonomous University of Barcelona: Hispanic Philology.

Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, and Translation Studies

MA, University of Valencia: Comparative Literature & Cultural Criticism.

PGDip, University of Valencia: Comparative Literature and Cultural Criticism.

PGDip (Specialization Degree), University of Deusto: International and Intercultural Studies, Philosophical Hermeneutics (The Interpretation of Cultures: Art, Culture, Religion, and Society).

PGDip (Specialization Degree), Open University of Catalonia: Linguistics and Translation Studies (English-Spanish; Spanish-Catalan).

PGCert, UNED: Psychoanalysis and Cultural Criticism.

History of Spain and Latin America

PhD (ABD), Pablo of Olavide University: History & Humanities: Europe, America, Art, and Languages. (Status: 2019-20, On hold)

MA, Jaume I University: History of the Hispanic World.

MA, Jaume I University: Military History of Contemporary Wars.

PGDip (Specialization Degree), Jaume I University: Military History of Contemporary Wars.

PGDip (Expert Degree), UNED: Heraldics, Genealogy, and Nobility.

PGDip (Expert Degree), UNED: Sources for the Study of Genealogy and Emblematics; Archivistics and Documentation.

PGDip (Specialization Degree), UNED: Genealogy.

Classical Studies

PhD (ABD), University of Málaga: Classics (Renaissance Latin and Post-classical literary tradition and reception; Translation studies). (Status: 2019-20, Good standing)

DESE (MA equivalent), UNED: Classical Philology (Neo-Latin Literature).

Teaching Methodology

PGDip, Princeton University: Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (Teaching Transcript).

Management, Law, and ADR

Dr. Mallorquí-Ruscalleda also holds several advanced degrees in the fields of Management, Law, and ADR (MS  in I/O Psychology; LLM in Spanish Legal History); he currently is a Doctor of Jurisprudence Cand.

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