Associate Vice Chancellor for International Affairs, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, from 2012; Associate Vice President for International Affairs, Office of the Vice President for International Affairs, Indiana University, from 2012; Professor of Geography, IUPUI, from 2012; Philanthropic Studies Faculty, IU, 2012-2015; Professor of Geography and International Studies, Portland State University, 1983-2011; Executive Director, Waseda-Oregon Program, Portland State University, 2010-2011; Advisor, Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation, Tokyo, from 1999; Visiting Professor, Haifa University, 1998; Academic Advisor, Annenberg Corporation for Public Broadcasting, 1987-2003.

Academic interests

Primary: regional development and resource management policy (agriculture and urban) in Japan, East Asia, North America and Europe; Japan’s modernization process in terms of the role played by philanthropy and civic leadership; the internationalization of higher education. Secondary: international trade; educational video development.


Regional Geography of East Asia (political and economic); Cultural Geography of Western Europe; Trans-Pacific Leadership; Asian Studies and the Geography Curriculum.

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