Academic interests

Modern Germany and Europe, cultural and intellectual history, historiography, religion, nationalism, and the cultural and intellectual history of war.


Krupp Foundation Research Fellowship in European Studies-Harvard University 1994-95; Research Associate-Center for European Studies, Harvard University 1996-98; OPD Grant-in-Aid for Research, Summer Research Fellowship, Summer Research and Creativity Grant, 2001.


The Thirty Years' War and German Memory in the Nineteenth Century (University of Nebraska Press, 2007); "Religious Conflict as History" in Religion und Nation (Wallstein, 2004); "The Cult of Gustavus Adolphus" in Protestants, Catholics, and Jews in Germany (Berg, 2001); "A World of Enemies: New Perspectives on German Military Culture" Central European History (June 2006)


Acting Director of Graduate Studies, History Department (2006-2007)

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