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Communication seems like second nature for some scientists. Experts like Bill Nye, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Carl Sagan regularly appear on television and have active Twitter feeds, designed to make science accessible to the average citizen. However, for most scientists and physicians, communication is not a part of their training - until now, that is.

Breanna Cooper, a junior Journalism and Film Studies double major, has been named an Arts Journalism Fellowship recipient by the Arts Council of Indianapolis. Cooper will receive a $1,500 fellowship and has started work at NUVO, where she has reported on various mediums of art: visual, comedy, theater, film and music.

Ian McIntosh went 40 years between his first visit to China and his most recent. McIntosh's trip in April was as part of a Public Broadcasting Service crew shooting a 27-minute documentary on the Maritime Silk Road's history and current developments.

Edward Curtis

An IUPUI communication studies professor has been honored with the university’s Advocate for Equity in Accessibility Award. Created in 2016, the award recognizes a member of the IUPUI faculty, staff or administration who goes above and beyond to ensure that students with disabilities enjoy all possible benefits of campus life. 

Edward Curtis

The city of Indianapolis, like many big urban cities, has flourishing arts and cultural organizations. But how do they change communities? Do they enhance lives? Can their effects be measured beyond simple metrics such as attendance counts and numbers of art installations? Students in a new Ph.D. program at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis will strive to find the answers while working directly with community partners.

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