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Posted on April 1st, 2020 in Students/Alumni by Eric Virden
Cropped Picture with the Governor
State House and State Senate Democratic interns with Governor Eric Holcomb

Eric Virden, VerizonIndiana Legislature Scholarshipwinner

If I could explain my internship with the Indiana State House Democrats in one word, then this post would not go beyond this sentence. However, there is not oneword that can fully describe the nearly three months that I servedas an intern at the Statehouse. It was an experience that both allowed me to shine, and yet also pushed me to the brink of failure. There were days that I felt an immense sense of pride in my work, only to be followed by events that made me question whether or not what I had done was good enough. This internship was a unique experience that I suspect I will always remember and know that I will never regret.

The Statehouse internship experience can vary significantly from person to person. For starters, this is not the best internship for individuals seeking tojustcoast along. This is not to say that every day is action-packed and filled to the brim with events, but when such days do occur interns are expected to roll with punches. This can sometimes mean working through lunch or past 5:00 pm. For those willing to work hard and give it their all (as cheesy this may sound), this internship can be a rewarding experience.

State House and State Senate Democratic interns with Governor Eric Holcomb

Another way that the internship experience can vary is based on one’s position. While most individuals will be brought into the program to work on legislative and constituent services, I got the opportunity to intern with the Ways and Means Committee under House Democrats Fiscal Analyst Erik Gonzales. My primary duties included keeping track of legislation submitted tothe Committee,assisting Ranking Minority Member Representative Gregory Porter in preparing for the Committee, taking notes during Committee meetings, and creating documents summarizing and analyzing the fiscal impact of all bills considered by the Committee.For me, it was an informative and exciting experience. Informative because I was able to learn a substantial amount about the Indiana legislative process, including both the formal and informal rules. Exciting because I was able to play eyewitness to debates surrounding several of the more pressing issues facing the state of Indiana.

Overall, if you have an interest in politics, want to learn more about political life in Indiana, or are trying to determine if political staffing is a career worth pursuing, then I highly recommend that you apply to be an intern with the Indiana Statehouse. The application process will take some time and admissions are highly competitive, but the process is worth it. Even if you do not get in the first time you apply, you like me could get in with your second application.