Welcome to Global and International Studies

The world is becoming a smaller place in which to live, and the interdependence of our political, cultural and economic systems is growing by the day.  Locally, Indiana’s economic health is increasingly tied to foreign investment and exports of agricultural, life science, or automotive products.  The ‘Crossroads of America’ is now a major international freight hub.  Record numbers of immigrants from places like Mexico, South Asia, and West Africa are transforming our cultural landscape.  Meanwhile, Hoosiers are serving abroad in the military, in the Peace Corps, as missionaries, or as members of the international business community.  To prepare students for life and careers in an increasingly globalized world, the School of Liberal Arts offers the B.A. and a minor in Global and International Studies. 

In the Global & International Studies program, students take advantage of the international opportunities offered at IUPUI, a 2011 recipient of the Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization.  They learn another language, specialize in one of five world regions, enrich their academic experience through study abroad, and study the cultural, historical, political, and economic forces at work in our 21st century world.  The most innovative feature of the major is that students tailor a combination of regional and thematic concentrations to meet their own academic interests and career goals.  In short, this customized major permits students to meet any variety of interests and needs. 


Alumni Spotlight

Global and International Studies Grad Recognized as 2015 IUPUI Top Student

Mariana Lopez-Owens receives 2015 IUPUI Top Female Student Award

Mariana Lopez-Owens received the 2015 Top Female Student award as part of the IUPUI Top 100 Program. The IUPUI Top 100 program is sponsored by the IUPUI Alumni Council and the Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR). See more about Mariana here.