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W. Kenneth Barger

Professsor Emeritus of Anthropology
(317) 274-8207
CA 413D

Jeremy J. Beach

Visiting Lecturer in Antropology
(317) 274-3829
CA 420

H. Cusack-McVeigh

Associate Professor of Anthropology and Museum Studies
Public Scholar of Collections and Community Curation
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Native American and Indigenous Studies
Department: American Indian Programs, Anthropology, Museum Studies
CA 434

Gina Sánchez Gibau

Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Faculty of University College
Adjunct Associate Professor of Africana Studies
Department: Africana Studies, Anthropology, Women’s Studies
University Hall (AD) 5002K
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Susan B. Hyatt

Chair of Anthropology, Bicentennial Professor of Anthropology
(317) 278-4548
CA 413B
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Elizabeth B Kryder-Reid

Chancellor's Professor in Anthropology and Museum Studies
Adjunct Professor in History, and Director of the Cultural Heritage Research Center
(317) 274-1406
CA 433
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Paul R. Mullins

Professor of Anthropology
(317) 274-9847
CA 413E
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Audrey Clarann Ricke

Senior Lecturer in Anthropology
(317) 274-2035
CA 410
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Aubrey M. Thamann

Adjunct Faculty in Anthropology and American Studies
Department: American Studies, Anthropology
ES 0010
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Wendy Alexandra Vogt

Associate Professor of Anthropology
(317) 278-6025
CA 401
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Larry Zimmerman

Professor Emeritus of Museum Studies
Public Scholar Emeritus of Native American Representation
CA 433

Adjunct Faculty

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Della C. Cook

Adjunct Associate Professor
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Nancy Parrish Michael

Associate Faculty in Anthropology
CA 413
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Bridget Nash-Chrabascz

Adjunct Associate Professor in Geography
(317) 274-8207
CA 410

Mary Price

Adjunct Faculty in Anthropology
Director of Faculty Development in the Center for Service and Learning at IUPUI
Department: Anthropology
(BS) 2010
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Jeremy J. Wilson

Associate Professor of Anthropology
(317) 274-5787
CA 413C


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Jeanette Dickerson-Putman

ssociate Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
(317) 274-2995
CA 434
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Barbara Jackson

Professor Emeritus in Anthropology
(317) 274-5032
UC 3149

Susan B. Sutton

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
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Richard E. Ward

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology