With the impetus of the women’s movement in the 1970’s, Women’s Studies emerged as an interdisciplinary approach to acknowledge the changing and evolving roles of women. The societal, cultural, economical and political roles of women are reflected through the interdisciplinary curricula offered in the IUPUI Program in Women’s Studies. For twenty five years, students at IUPUI have pursued both minors and undergraduate degrees.


Women’s Studies brings together faculty who explore issues of women, gender and sexuality in their teaching, research and service. Interdisciplinary in nature, WOST explores a wide range of issues as seen through these lenses and should increase students’ understanding of how these issues affect culture. The critical thinking involved in these analyses will help students make a more meaningful contribution wherever their career paths and future engagements may lead. A degree in Women’s Studies will enhance a student’s effectiveness in virtually any career:

  • For careers in law or social service: Women’s Studies gives insight into social realities that oppress women, such as rape, abuse, sexual harassment, and job discrimination.  
  • For careers in biology, medicine, counseling, nursing or other allied health professions: Women’s Studies offers an understanding of women’s health-both physical and mental.  
  • For careers in education or journalism: Women’s Studies assists students in developing the critical thinking and communication skills essential to teachers and journalists  
  • For careers in business: Women’s Studies can teach students to understand how gender might influence management styles, marketing techniques and investing habits.