"You can't go wrong with a religious studies major because you are free to explore so many different disciplines under the umbrella of religious studies. The importance of belief systems, of ethics, of how we make decisions about life and community daily and for a lifetime cannot be ignored. Religion branches into all aspects of life as a human. I focused on literature, but one could also study history; philosophy; art; music; psychology; sociology. I found the openness and willingness to follow tangents exhilarating."

Georgia Hughes, Editorial Director, New World Library, B.A. 1981

You don’t need to be a religious studies major to take advantage of our faculty’s expertise. That’s why we created six new Concentrations in Religious Studies. Whether you want to strengthen your resumé or follow your passion, these concentrations have something for every student at IUPUI.  

(1)  Religion and Health

  • REL-R323: Yuppie Yogis and Global Gurus (also 2)
  • REL-R368: Religion and Healing
  • REL-R384: Religion, Ethics, and Health (also 4)
  • REL-R395: Religion, Death, and Dying

(2)  Religion and International Studies

  • REL-R212: Comparative Religions
  • REL-R257: Introduction to Islam
  • REL-R304: Islamic Beginnings
  • REL-R305: Islam and Modernity
  • REL-R308: Arab Histories
  • REL-R328: Religions of the African Diaspora
  • REL-R361: Hinduism and Buddhism

(3)  Religion, Gender, and Sexuality

  • REL-R301: Women and Religion
  • REL-R369: Love, Sex, and Justice (also 4)
  • REL-R383: Power, Sex, and Money (also 4)
  • REL-R398: Women in American Indian Religions (also 5) 

(4)  Religion, Ethics, and Politics

  • REL-R300: Religion and Literature (also 6)
  • REL-R348: Religion and Its Monsters (also 6)
  • REL-R375: Religion Behind Bars (also 5)
  • REL-R378: Religion and Revolutionaries (also 2)
  • REL-R381: Religion and Violence (also 2)
  • REL-R386: Consumption, Ethics, and the Good Life
  • REL-R393: Comparative Religious Ethics (also 2)
  • REL-R394: Militant Religion (also 2)
  • REL-R379: Religion and Philanthropy

(5)  American Religious History and Diversity

  • REL-R173: American Religion (also 6)
  • REL-R300: Cults and Sects in America
  • REL-R307: Religion in the Professions
  • REL-R312: Prophets, Captives, and Converts (also 3)
  • REL-R314: Religion and Racism
  • REL-R363: African-American Religions
  • REL-R367: American Indian Religions
  • REL-R370: Islam in America
  • REL-R397: Mormonism and American Culture (also 6)

(6)  Christianity and Culture

  • REL-R103: The Bible and Culture
  • REL-R111: The Bible
  • REL-R120: Images of Jesus
  • REL-R180: Introduction to Christianity (also2)
  • REL-R243: Introduction to New Testament
  • REL-R325: Paul and His Influence in Early Christianity
  • REL-R329: Early Christianity
  • REL-R344: Reformations of the Sixteenth Century (also2)
  • REL-R396: Religion and Fantasy