About Us 2017

Matthew Condon, Andrea Jain, Peter Thuesen, Joseph Tucker Edmonds, Kelly Hayes, David Craig, Edward Curtis. (Not Pictured: Rachel Wheeler and Tom Davis)

Fast Facts about Our Faculty

  • Assoc. Prof. Andrea Jain has been named Editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, the top international journal in the field of Religious Studies.  Our department hosts JAAR's editorial offices.
  • 34 books authored or edited by the department's resident faculty
  • 90 percent of our courses are taught by faculty with Ph.D.s (from Duke, Emory, Harvard, Princeton, Rice, University of Chicago, University of North Carolina, University of South Africa, and Yale)
  • Recent external grants received by faculty:
    • Assoc. Prof. Rachel Wheeler, with Dr. Sarah Eyerly of Florida State University: "Songs of the Spirit: The Collaborative Hymnody of the Mohican Moravian Missions," American Council of Learned Societies Collaborative Research Fellowship
    • Prof. Edward Curtis, "American Muslim Lives and History," $109,000, 2019 Summer Institute, National Endowment for the Humanities
    • Prof. David Craig, in partnership with Dr. Ivan Douglas Hicks, First Baptist Church North Indianapolis, and Andrew Green, Shepherd Community Center, "Health Equity, Urban Congregations, and HIP," $47,000, Indiana Minority Health Coalition

What Our Graduates Say about Religious Studies

"With my Religious Studies degree, I certainly gained knowledge about many religions, but what I am really proud to contribute to my career is understanding, patience, and tolerance for people who think and operate differently than I do." Samantha McManus, B.A. '13, Religious Studies and Psychology

"I work with our primary care patients who are experiencing mental health concerns and addiction. I love my job and look back on my time in Religious Studies as the foundation for the life I have today." Matt Downey, B.A. '10, Social Services Coordinator, Shalom Health Center (M.S.W. '13, IUPUI)

"Religion provides a sense of urgency that is necessary for creating social change. It provides the conviction needed to do what is good, and the righteous indignation required to stand up to wrong. Religious Studies allowed me to explore how different people shape and use their religious understandings to fix social issues." -Kirollos Barsoum '11 B.A. Religious Studies and Sociology (M.A. in Philanthropic Studies, '14, IUPUI)

"Corporations and governments, nonprofits and religious institutions are searching for individuals who possess an empathic awareness of other cultures and how to communicate differences and similarities en masse. Today I use what I learned from my religious studies degree every day, on my job, in my community, and in my home. The professors in the department are the best kept secret on IUPUI's campus--check out one class and you'll see why." -Colby Hill '13 B.A. Religious Studies

"I think the skills you gain with a Religious Studies education can be applied in 'real life' in a lot of ways. My experience taught me how to think for myself and how to build a solid, eloquent argument for what I want to say. Not only that, but every single faculty member in this department provided a safe space for me to find--and express--my voice. On top of this, I learned how to think critically and objectively. This is especially important if you work in any field that involves problem-solving, creativity, or working with people from a diverse range of cultures and religious backgrounds. Most of these skills are required at just about any job, and I feel that my Religious Studies background has equipped me to handle all of these situations with ease." Jennifer Kash '13, B.A. Religious Studies, 2013 Outstanding Religious Studies Student; 2013 Sherrill Essay Prize Co-Winner