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Posted on February 11th, 2018 in Consultant Spotlight by jch12

Consultant Spotlight: Armon

Armon is from Speedway, IN and has been working at the University Writing Center for 4 semesters. He has made a considerable contribution to the center, you may know him through our online sessions! He’s taken part in our Digital Resources Committee and has been training consultants with our new feature of online consulting. He does many projects through the committee and has helped our center grow in the technological spectrum.

“My coworkers would have to be what makes me love the UWC. They are all talented and unique which keeps work and collaboration interesting.” -Armon

Armon is currently majoring Organizational Leadership & Supervision (OLS). In his free time, when he’s not in the University Writing Center, he loves to play video games, basketball, and tennis. He also loves making videos and hanging out with friends.

Whether it’s through face to face or online Armon is there to help you with your writing process.

Armon’s Message To You:

“Definitely use the UWC as it is a valuable student resource. It not only can help in your process of writing a paper but allows for you to have a safe space to express your ideas, thoughts, and emotions freely.”