UWC Leadership Team

UWC Leadership Team

Blog Coordinator: Questions regarding the UWC’s blog can be addressed to Courtney Crisp (uwc@iupui.edu).

no-avatar.jpgCourtney Crisp




Language & Cultural Diversity Across Campus Coordinator: Questions regarding LCDAC programming–including the UWC’s Difficult Conversations Series–can be addressed to Zoe Hanquier (uwc@iupui.edu).

no-avatar.jpgZoe Hanquier




Graduate Writing Coordinator: If you have questions about graduate writing support and programming offered by the UWC, please visit the Graduate Writers page on our website or reach out to Nathan Marquam (uwc@iupui.edu).

Nathan Marquam

Nathan Marquam is an English graduate student in the Writing and Literacy track. In the Writing Center, he directs programming to support IUPUI writers of all disciplines and comfort levels. He first found his passion for Writing Center work at IUPUI as an undergraduate, and he has presented research at both the Eastern Central Writing Center Association Conference and the International Writing Center Association Conference. His research often focuses on bringing a cultural rhetorics story-as-theory methodology to Writing Center work and exploring the role that identity plays in sessions. As a graduate student, his main focus is on creating spaces where writers can support each other and build community around and about writing. When he isn’t working, Nathan is probably watching horror movies, composing biting feminist critiques of those horror movies, or working on his short story collection.

Workshops Coordinator: If you would like information regarding communications or technology at the UWC, please address questions to Nate Marcisz (uwc@iupui.edu).


Nate Marcisz




Online & Communication Resources Coordinator: If you would like information regarding communications or technology at the UWC, please address questions to Yue Stevenson (uwc@iupui.edu).


Yue Stevenson




Research & Assessment Coordinator: Questions about UWC student research and assessment practices should be addressed to Alexa Quezada (uwc@iupui.edu) and also sent to UWC DIrector Marilee Brooks-Gillies (mbrooksg@iupui.edu).

no-avatar.jpgAlexa Quezada

Alexa Quezada is a first year graduate student in the M.A. in English program. She also received her B.A. in English from IUPUI and worked at the University Writing Center (UWC) during that time. As the Research & Assessment Coordinator, Alexa provides undergraduate and graduate writing consultants with research support and facilitates the UWC’s four-fold assessment approach, which includes consultant observations, consultant-self-assessments, writer surveys, and administrative focus groups. In addition, she oversees the management of the UWC archive, which maintains historical documents from the Center, and the UWC library of Writing Center and Writings Studies texts. Her research in the UWC has centered on neurodiversity, disability, and accessibility. When not in class or at work, Alexa reads, knits, writes poetry, and edits for genesis, and serves as the Graduate Advisor for the English Club @ IUPUI.

UWC Administration

Assistant Director: Questions about our schedule, daily operations, and scheduling workshops should be sent to Assistant Director Kelin Hull (kmcclana@indiana.edu).

Kelin Hull headshot imageKelin Hull

Kelin Hull is a Visiting Lecturer of English and Assistant Director of the University Writing Center where she has the primary responsibility for managing the daily operations of the Writing Center. Primary duties include overseeing the schedule, providing professional development programming for consultants, supervising consulting, participating in campus outreach, and mentoring undergraduate and graduate consultants engaged in program development across three locations (two physical, one online). Her scholarship is positioned within cultural rhetorics and writing center studies with an emphasis on the rhetoric of community. She has presented at international and regional writing center conferences and is the founder of Kindness Week at the University Writing Center. Her current projects focus on emotion and emotional labor, power dynamics, identity, and decolonial and antiracist pedagogies in writing centers. Outside of her professional life, Kelin is an avid cook, gardener, hiker, and traveler who loves adventuring with her family and snuggling with her two cats.

Director: Questions about UWC administration, program development, and research collaborations should be sent to Director Dr. Marilee Brooks-Gillies (mbrooksg@iupui.edu).

Dr. Marilee Brooks-Gillies

Dr. Marilee Brooks-Gillies is an Assistant Professor of English and the Director of the University Writing Center where she has the primary responsibility for enacting the long-term mission and vision of the UWC, implementing strategic plans, and maintaining administrative oversight of the UWC. She is responsible for cultivating long-term relationships across the university, representing the UWC in the English Department, the School of Liberal Arts, and the broader IUPUI community. She mentors undergraduate and graduate consultants conducting writing center research, and mentors consultants with leadership roles in the UWC. She recruits consultants, teaches the writing center education course, and works with the Assistant Director to support ongoing consultant education. Her scholarship is situated within cultural rhetorics and writing center studies with an emphasis on place-making in communities of practice. Her work has been published in the Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics, The Peer Review, Across the Disciplines, Harlot, and enculturation. Her current projects focus on antiracist and decolonial pedagogies, power dynamics, emotional labor, assessment practices, and professional development in writing centers. When she’s not writing, mentoring, or teaching, she enjoys hiking with her family and crocheting.