Full-time enrollment costs

Full-time Tuition= $2,650 per Session

  • Sessions are 8 weeks in Fall and Spring
  • Sessions are 6 weeks in Summer
  • Full-time study is 21 hours per week in Fall and Spring or 26 hours per week in Summer
  • Students with F-1 visa status must study full-time
  • Full time = 3 classes: 1) Reading & Writing 2) Listening & Speaking 3) Grammar

Students with F-1 visa status pay these additional fees:

All F-1 visa students: Office of International Affairs fee = approximately $50 per session

Students sponsored by their government: Sponsored student fee = $175 per session

Students NOT sponsored by their government: Health insurance = approximately $43 per week

Note: Indiana University requires F-1 and J-1 students without a government sponsorship to have and pay for IU health insurance through ANTHEM.

All costs listed above are for the 2020-2021 school year and are subject to change. Living expenses will vary for each student, depending on your lifestyle and where you choose to live.

Part-time enrollment costs

The cost of part-time enrollment varies depending on the number of classes you choose to take.

  • Those with F-2 or B-2 visa status are allowed to study part-time only
  • Everyone else may study part-time or full-time

Part-time study means:

  • Having classes four or five days a week
  • Studying for the whole session
  • Taking one or two classes instead of three classes.

Part-time Options and Costs for ONE Session:

  1. Grammar class only = $575.00
  2. Listening & Speaking class only = $1075.00
  3. Reading & Writing class only = $1075.00
  4. Listening & Speaking class + Grammar class = $1650.00
  5. Reading & Writing class + Grammar class = $1650.00
  6. Listening/Speaking class + Reading/Writing class = $2150.00

Showing proof of financial resources

Students who want to come to the U.S. with an F-1 student visa must have an I-20 form generated by IUPUI. 

To get an I-20, you must show proof of financial resources.  

  • If you have a government scholarship (such as Saudi students sponsored by SACM), attach your scholarship letter.  
  • If you or a family member or a friend will pay for your study, upload two files to your application. 
  1. Individual Sponsor Form (You can download the form here.)
  2. Letter from a bank. Please ASK YOUR BANK for a letter. Please DO NOT SEND a monthly or quarterly statement. The letter must be less than 3 months old and show: 
  • The name and address of the bank 
  • The name of the person who has this account (account holder) 
  • The total amount of money in the account 
  • The kind of money (for example Euros, Saudi riyals, Chinese Yuan) 

Note: The bank letter can be in your language as long as we can find the above information. 

After you submit your application, you will be admitted and your I-20 will be sent to the address you specify. The PIE sends I-20s by FedEx.  

When you receive your I-20, you will register online with SEVIS and schedule a visa interview. The PIE will send instructions on how to do this with your I-20.