Political Science Minor

In addition to the School of Liberal Arts requirements, and the classes you need for your major, you need to take 15 hours in political science classes, with a grade of C or better in each, and at least six of those hours should be taken at IUPUI. Those 15 hours are made up as follows:


Complete two of the following:

  • Y103: Introduction to American Politics
  • Y213: Introduction to Public Policy
  • Y215: Introduction to Political Theory
  • Y217: Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • Y219: Introduction to International Relations


Complete any three other Political Science courses, two of which must be 300 or 400-level courses. The third elective may come from the list of Core Courses.

How to enroll: Contact the Political Science Department Office to sign up - all you need to do is give us your name, your major, and your ID number. As you complete each course, let the department know, and once you have completed all the requirements we will pass the details on to the school Recorder.