The Undergraduate Museum Studies Certificate consists of a core or four courses (12 cr.) and a choice of two additional courses (6 cr.) from a list of Museum Studies courses. All of these courses must be passed with a grade of C or higher in order to count for the certificate.  Electives not on the list of approved electives must be approved by the Museum Studies Director prior to registration. Before enrolling in the Undergraduate Studies Certificate program, IUPUI students must have completed 55 credit hours of university study with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must have declared a major field of study. IUPUI students meeting these requirements and wishing to enroll in the undergraduate certificate should complete a Liberal Arts major, minor, and certificate declaration form: Once enrolled in the undergraduate certificate program, students should meet with their Museum Studies advisor to develop a curriculum plan.  Elizabeth Kryder-Reid or a Liberal Arts academic adviser through the online advising appointment scheduler: (after login, select get advising. Pick meet with my advisor in the list of services). You can also schedule an appointment with an academic adviser by calling 317-274-3976 or by stopping in CA 401."

Student Consumer Information about this Program 

Undergraduate Certificate Requirements

The following 18 credit hours of course work are designed to provide a firm foundation in the theory, methodology, and practice of museum work.

Museum theory (6 cr.): MSTD A403, HIST H217

Museum methods (9 cr.) MSTD A405 and two electives, at least one of which must be a Museum Studies course and one may be an approved elective from another department.

Practical museum work: (3 cr.): 3 credits required in a museum internship (MSTD A408 or a disciplinary based internship such as ANTH 412  done in a museum and with a Museum Studies faculty advisor’s approval).