Undergraduate Museum Studies Program

IUPUI offers a certificate in Museum Studies for undergraduate students enrolled at IUPUI. The certificate complements majors in related fields, particularly anthropology, history, fine arts, visual communications, informatics, and education. People enter the museum field from all different academic backgrounds. If you think you might someday be interested in working in a museum, seeking a graduate degree in museum studies, or even if you simply enjoy museums and want to know more about them, the Undergraduate Certificate is an excellent addition to your IUPUI degree!

Student Consumer Information About this Program

How to Apply

Prospective students must apply for the undergraduate certificate, the graduate certificate, or the Master’s degree;  the admissions process for each is slightly different. Step-by-step directions below outline undergraduate application process. If you have any additional questions, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you! For questions regarding financial aid and scholarship opportunities, please see our Funding page.


  • Undergraduate certificate: accepted on a rolling admission basis year-round

Undergraduate Museum Studies Certificate:

Current IUPUI undergraduates are automatically admitted as long as they meet the criteria of having completed at least 55 credit hours and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. 
  If you meet these criteria, you must do two things:

1) Complete a "Change of Record" form in the Museum Studies office (Cavanaugh Hall 419). This will register you as an official student in the program and the certificate objective will appear on your record.

  2) Fill out and mail or email the Museum Studies Undergraduate Student Data Sheetto the Museum Studies office in Cavanaugh Hall 419 (email to Museum Studies, This form lets the faculty know a little more about your experience and interests.

You will be added to the MSTD list serve and assigned an advisor who will work with you to develop a curriculum plan for your certificate. If you are not currently enrolled in an IUPUI undergraduate degree program, you must apply for admission to IUPUI before following the steps. You can find the procedures for undergraduate application at the IUPUI admissions page. Specify the Museum Studies Undergraduate Certificate as your objective.

Undergraduate Funding

The museum studies program does not offer direct financial support for undergraduates, but students in the undergraduate certificate program are encouraged to seek support through the Office of Student Financial Aid Services and the Office of Student Scholarships.