The Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Medical Humanities and Health Studies seeks to promote an increased awareness of the humanistic, social, and cultural dimensions of health care and health care systems. It provides an exciting opportunity for students to work in close conjunction with faculty who have strong teaching and research interests in the area of health care. A survey of the relevant issues is to be addressed during the course of study in the minor, which includes:

  • Human values and ethics in decision making
  • The idea of preventive and holistic health and health care
  • Patient care as an art form and scientific endeavor
  • The relationship between ecology, economy, and health care
  • The role of the provider-client relationship, especially in the areas of communications skills and the humanistic dimesnions of patient care
  • The relationship between cultural and social systems in health care
  • The connection between health care systems and good health
  • The role of the consumer

The minor requires successful completion of a minimum of 15 credit hours, distributed as follows. All courses are 3 credit hours each.

Required Core Courses (2 courses/6 credits)

MHHS M301 Perspectives on Health, Disease and Healing

The course utilizes the humanities and social science disciplines to provide students with a broader understanding of the many facets of health and disease, suffering and dying, as well as the art and science of healing.

 MHHS Upper-level course (3 credit hours)

Students may take the M495 capstone seminar or any 3-credit hour MHHS 300- or 400-level course to fulfill this requirement.

**Contact Judi Izuka-Campbell for more information


Electives (3 courses/9 credits)

Choose one course from the list of Humanistic perspectives courses, and one from Social Science perspectives courses. The third elective may be selected from the either list or from Other electives. Choose no more than one (1) course from any one department or discipline.


Humanistic Perspectives

Communication Studies

C392 Health Communication **Click course title for sample syllabus
C400 Hlth Provider-Consumer Comm.

L431 Topics: Illness Narrative


H364 Hist of Medicine & Public Health
H374 Hist of Science & Technology II* (with prior MHHS advisor permission) **Click course title for intstructor’s course website**
H418 History of International Humanitarian Assistance
H421 Topcs: History of Chinese Medicine


P393 Biomedical Ethics

Religious Studies

R368 Religion and Healing 
R384 Religion, Ethics and Health  **Click course title for sample syllabus**


R327 Sociology of Death & Dying  **Click course title for samply syllabus**


Social Science Perspectives


B370 Human Variation
B480 Human Growth & Development
E421 Anthropology of Aging **Click course title for sample syllabus**
E445 Medical Anthropology
A460 Topics: African Health
A460 Topics: Bio-archaeology **Click course title for sample syllabus**
A460 Topics: Forensic Anthropology **Click course title for sample syllabus**


E307 Current Econ Issues: Health Econ Issues **Click for sample syllabus**
E387 Health Economics


G410 Medical Geography

Medical Humanities & Health Studies

M492 Topics in Medical Humanities Health Studies: African Health


R321 Women & Health **Click for sample syllabus**
R381 Soc Factors Health/Illness
R382 Soc Org of Health Care
R385 AIDS and Society **Click for sample syllabus**
R410 Alcohol, Drugs, & Soc **Click for sample syllabus**
R415 Soc of Disability
R485 Soc of Mental Illness


Other Electives

Medical Humanities & Health Studies

M420 Culture of Mental Illness **Click for sample syllabus**
M492 Topics in Med Hum/Health Studies **Click for sample syllabus**
M498 Readings in Med Hum/Hlth Studies

S474 Applied Health-Care Ethics

Public Health

A316 Environmental Science & Health **Click for sample syllabus**
H320 Health Systems
H322 Principles of Epidemiology **Click for sample syllabus**
H354 Health Economics **Click for sample syllabus**
H420 Health Policy

Note: Other courses may be accepted upon approval of the Medical Humanities and Health Studies Committee. See Health Studies Committee chairperson for information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about planning a Minor in Medical Humanities - Health Studies?

E-mail MHHS Student Advisor, Judi Izuka-Campbell

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