Our Mission

The mission of the IUPUI Max Kade German-American Research and Resource Center is to support German-American Studies through scholarly research, teaching, and service and the community by offering events on all aspects of German-American culture.


The Max Kade German-American Center provides the Indianapolis community, the State of Indiana, and more broadly, the eastern Midwest with a center for conducting research on German American history, language, and culture. A particular focus is the study of German-American dialects and German history in the United States. As part of its research mission, a new project for creating a digital archive of German-American dialects in Indiana is in progress.

The Max Kade Center collaborates with the IUPUI University Library to develop and provide access to the university’s considerable collection of German-Americana texts and research materials. The Max Kade Center also partners with the Indiana State Library, Indiana Historical Society, Athenaeum Foundation, and the Society for German American Studies.


Situated within the Department of World Cultures and Languages in the IU School of Liberal Arts, the Max Kade Center maintains two locations: an office on the IUPUI campus in Cavanaugh Hall 329, and an office in the Deutsches Haus – Athenaeum at 401 E. Michigan St. in the old “German Town” of downtown Indianapolis.

Max Kade (1882 – 1967)

Born in Steinbach, Germany (near Schwäbisch Hall) in 1882, Max Kade immigrated to New York in 1905 and founded a pharmaceutical company through which he built his fortune. In 1944, Max Kade and his wife set up the Max Kade Foundation to promote and encourage German Studies and exchange between the German-speaking countries and the United States.