Undergraduate Studies

Whether you aspire to work in traditional media, public relations or online journalism, our goal is to prepare you with a keen understanding of the world in which you’ll be working and the skills you’ll need to be a strong, ethical communicator.

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But today’s working world is not a simple place. In all likelihood, you’ll need to be prepared not only for your first career, but for multiple careers to follow – some of which have not yet been invented.

The answer, of course, is versatility. Having broad skills to compete in the job market. Being knowledgeable about the world beyond journalism and PR. Photojournalists must also be good writers. Reporters must know how to shoot and edit video. PR professionals must understand news values. Every communicator must know the ins and outs of the web, social media and the latest apps. Most importantly, creative communicators must be curious about many subjects and committed to lifelong learning.

Our undergraduate curriculum exposes students to theories and ideas that encourage understanding and versatility. It also provides hands-on experience in “doing” journalism and PR. Whether in classwork, internships, campus media, community projects or other endeavors, students get to practice what they learn in class, adding to their skill sets, resumes and portfolios.

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