Intergroup Dialogue Proposal Concerns Addressed

The Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) Proposal:
Concerns Raised about the Proposal at the January Faculty Assembly and How They Have Been Addressed Undergraduate Curriculum and Standards Committee

Concern 1: A concern was raised about whether the curriculum reflects best practice. The curriculum is based on the four-part intergroup dialogue model developed by the University of Michigan.

Concern 2: Faculty were concerned about including courses taught online in other schools—the proposal only includes online courses in the area of the curriculum that provides additional context in social identity and diversity issues. This area of the curriculum is not skills or dialogue intensive, and online courses are appropriate here.

Concern 3: Faculty were concerned that their courses were not listed. However, the proposal indicates that the curriculum is illustrative, not exhaustive. Chairs were asked to provide additional feedback on liberal arts courses and course lists have been adjusted. The certificate director will be able to approve additional courses as appropriate.

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