Annual Deadlines Overview

Annual Deadlines Overview


  • Part-time (associate) faculty edocs
Faculty and Staff Development
  • IUPUI New Faculty Orientation
  • Orientation and mentoring arrangements for new colleagues
  • P&T dossiers to department (Aug)
  • P&T dossiers to SLA (Sept)
  • Sabbatical leave applications
  • Sabbatical leave reports
  • Notice of intentions to take leaves of absence in the upcoming academic year
  • Re-appointment forms (2nd yr)
Planning and Reporting
  • New course requests (can be submitted any time)
  • Proof Spring schedules
  • Update 5-yr plan for department/program
  • Update department/program connections to SLA Strategic Plan
  • Schedule department meetings for the year
  • Discuss departmental goals/vision for the year with colleagues in unit
  • If searches approved, initiate search process


Faculty and Staff Development
  • Conflict of Interest Forms should be completed (and whenever interests change
  • Update policies and procedures for completing and submitting FARs
University Citizenship
  • Prepare letter to supporters/alumni updating on unit and asking for donations (ongoing)
Planning and Reporting
  • New course requests, course change requests, and variable subtitle requests (ongoing)
  • Proof Summer and Fall schedules
  • Attendance rosters due
  • Block grant requests


  • FARs due
  • Interview FFTF candidates and make offers
  • Schedule department meetings for the semester
  • Spring edocs
  • Re-appointment forms (1st yr)


Faculty and Staff Development
  • Notice of retirements
  • Recommendations for emeritus/a status
  • Performance appraisals for staff, including an interview with the staff member
  • SLA P&T Workshop
  • Materials for 3rd-yr review due
  • Departmental 3rd-yr review conducted
  • Faculty annual reviews due in dean’s office
  • Meet with faculty regarding goals for upcoming year
University Citizenship
  • Taylor Symposium
  • Proof fall schedule
  • Check online summer /fall courses


  • Summer edocs
Faculty and Staff Development
  • Re-appoint visiting lecturers
  • Re-appoint faculty in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th years
  • Part-time faculty reviews
  • List of candidates for promotion in upcoming academic year
  • Meet with faculty preparing materials for 3rd-yr review, promotion, and tenure
University Citizenship
  • Departmental honors ceremonies
  • IUPUI Honors Convocation
  • Graduating students reception
  • Commencement
  • Newsletter to donors and supporters (ongoing)


Planning and Reporting
  • Department annual report
  • Proposed spring schedule due
  • Request for fall searches

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