English for Academic Purposes

The English for Academic Purposes Program is part of the English Department in the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. The EAP Program is designed to provide the language support and assistance undergraduate and graduate students need to fully participate and succeed in their respective fields. The program guide is here.

High-Intermediate and advanced EAP courses are offered both to students entering the university in degree programs as well as non-degree students who are interested in enhancing their English language skills. The EAP courses are also open to IUPUI international staff and faculty. EAP Courses are small, controlled to allow maximum student-teacher interaction in a student-centered communicative teaching approach. Individual attention and conferences are provided as the need arises.

In addition to modern high-tech classrooms and computer labs, IUPUI language facilities include digital and multi-media labs for classes and self-monitored, independent practice in listening, speaking, and pronunciation. An ESL tutoring center and a university-wide writing center with staff trained to help EAP students are available.


  • To provide non-native speakers of English with English language support so that they can more fully participate in their academic courses of study.
  • To offer to all departments uniform testing of English language proficiency of incoming students who are non-native speakers of English.
  • To conduct oral English proficiency screenings and instruction for potential international teaching assistants (ITAs).

For more information contact:

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
English for Academic Purposes
Cavanaugh Hall
425 University Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202


To enroll in EAP courses, an individual first must be admitted to IUPUI as either a degree seeking or non-degree student. International students are admitted through the Office of International Affairs.

Academic Advising

After taking the EAP Placement Test, students should meet with their advisor to plan their courses. Undergraduate students who have not declared a major are advised by a University College advisor.  Graduate students and undergraduate students who have declared majors are advised by advisors or faculty in their home department. Students should discuss their EAP Placement Test results with their academic advisor; EAP Program staff are also available to discuss placements and classes.

Registering for EAP Classes

Students register for most EAP classes, which are offered through the English Department, like other IUPUI classes. However, EAP sections of G109/G110, G130, and G131 require authorization before registration. For classes requiring authorization, call or e-mail the EAP Program office (317-274-2188; and provide your name, student ID number, and the specific course section for which you want to register. The EAP Program secretary will process your request.

University College provides a helpful website for help with registering for classes.

Course Fees

EAP course fees are the same as those for other undergraduate-level courses in the School of Liberal Arts. The exact fee for an EAP course depends on the number of credits it is and on whether you are considered an Indiana resident or a "non-resident" (see Residency Status for Fee-Payment Purposes). Current fees for courses can be found on the IUPUI Office of the Bursar website.

ESL Tutoring Center

The ESL Tutoring Center (Cavanaugh Hall 505) serves IUPUI students who need ESL/EAP support in a variety of areas including reading, understanding assignments, giving speeches or oral presentations, learning grammar, pronunciation, etc. To sign up for a tutoring session, email