Welcome to the Department of Economics at IUPUI.

We pride ourselves on offering interesting, relevant and challenging courses taught by a group of dedicated and highly qualified faculty who also produce top-level academic research.   Our majors graduate well prepared for the job market – jobs are relatively abundant, and starting salaries are high – or for postgraduate study in a wide variety of fields.   At the graduate level, we offer both a Master of Arts (M.A.) program and a Ph.D. program that specializes in Health Economics.

If you have any questions about our courses or programs, please contact

  • Professor Patrick Meister, our undergraduate mentor (, 317 278 7216)
  • Professor Peter Rangazas, the director of our M.A. program ( 
  • Professor Wendy Morrison, the director of our Ph.D. program (, 317 274 2207)
  • Professor Steven Russell, our department chair (, 317 278 7214)

A new course offered in Winter, 2020-2021

E307 Econometrics in Practice