Welcome to the Department of Economics at IUPUI.

We pride ourselves on offering interesting, relevant and challenging courses taught by a group of dedicated and highly qualified faculty who also produce top-level academic research.   Our majors graduate well prepared for the job market – jobs are relatively abundant, and starting salaries are high – or for postgraduate study in a wide variety of fields.   At the graduate level, we offer both a Master of Arts (M.A.) program and a Ph.D. program that specializes in Health Economics.

If you have any questions about our courses or programs, please contact

  • Professor Patrick Meister, our undergraduate mentor (, 317 278 7216)
  • Professor Peter Rangazas, the director of our M.A. program ( 
  • Professor Anne Royalty, the director of our Ph.D. program (, 317 278 0449)
  • Professor Steven Russell, our department chair (, 317 278 7214).

Congratulations! Nan-Qiao-Award.jpeg

Nan Qiao, Economics PhD 2018, was named to IUPUI Elite 50 for 2019

Each year, IUPUI honors 50 graduate and professional students who demonstrate excellence beyond the classroom—in areas such as campus leadership, scholarly work, and community engagement. These IUPUI Elite 50 represent the best of the best among IUPUI’s graduate and professional students and capture everything that makes IUPUI exceptional.