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Picture of James W. Brown for Scholarships and Awards page

The James W. Brown Scholarship honors Brown (pictured), the retired executive associate dean of the School of Journalism at IUPUI. (Photo by Brian Drumm) (Copyright Trustees of Indiana University)

Apply for scholarships

As a Journalism and Public Relations student, you are invited to apply for departmental scholarships each year. These scholarships are intended for full-time students with strong academic records and interest in professional news or public relations work. Our scholarships provide recognition of student excellence in academic and journalistic pursuits. You should apply by February 1 to be considered for scholarships for the following school year.

Journalism and Public Relations students may also be eligible for school and campus scholarships and awards. See the School of Liberal Arts Scholarships and Awards for more information.



James W. Brown Scholarship

This scholarship is in honor of retired executive associate dean of the School of Journalism at IUPUI. Jim Brown led the program for 28 years.

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Society of Professional Journalists/Bettie Cadou Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is endowed and awarded to maintain the memory of the contributions of Bettie Cadou, a longtime Indianapolis journalist and communicator.

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M. William Lutholtz Memorial Scholarship

Bill Lutholtz was a respected journalist and public relations professional in Indianapolis. This scholarship is endowed and awarded to maintain the memory of his contributions to our profession over the many years he served.

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Patrick J. McKeand “Keep Your Nose to the Grindstone” Scholarship Award

Patrick J. McKeand served the school as the second publisher of The Sagamore. This endowed scholarship rewards excellence in contributing to student media at IUPUI.

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Academic Achievement Award for Journalism and Public Relations

The Department of Journalism and Public Relations honors an outstanding graduating senior within the major with an Academic Achievement Award.

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The Journalism Alumni Scholarship at IUPUI

This scholarship is a one-time scholarship of $1,820 for an eligible high school senior, with a record of academic excellence and a demonstrated desire to pursue a career in journalism or public relations, as determined by the selection committee.

CVR’s Barrier-Busting Scholarship

Check out one of the School of Liberal Arts newest scholarships! The CVR Diversity in Advertising Scholarship (up to $5,000) is made possible by the CVR Diversity in Advertising Fund, a donor-advised fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation, established to help create equitable opportunity for students of color pursuing higher education in advertising, communications, and public relations. Eligible recipients must be in good academic standing, enrolled full-time as a sophomore, junior, or senior pursuing a major in communication studies, journalism, applied theater, television, and film studies, or public relations in the School of Liberal Arts.

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