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Faculty Mentors

The Department’s designated faculty mentors are available to assist you in navigating our various programs and exploring internships and career paths in Journalism and Public Relations. Check your Student Center to view your faculty mentor.

  • Rodger Johnson, Visiting Lecturer of Public Relations, Cavanaugh Hall (CA) 341C,, 317-278-5320
  • Pamela Laucella, Associate Professor, Cavanaugh Hall (CA) 341E,, 317-278-5334
  • Please note: Due to COVID-19, some members of our staff and faculty may only be available to meet virtually. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call to set an appointment.
  • General School of Liberal Arts questions: If you have questions about general (non-major) requirements, please contact the Office of Student Affairs (Cavanaugh Hall 441; 317-274-1103 or

Academic Advising

Keep in touch with your advisor! They are here to help you with whatever academic issues that you may have. Here are some ways that your advisor can assist you:

  • Identify your academic and career goals
  • Create an academic plan tailored to your goals
  • Select and enroll in appropriate classes
  • Manage your course load
  • Combine your degree with other majors or minors
  • Meet your degree requirements
  • Tap into IUPUI resources and support
  • Understand academic policies and procedures
  • Learn to use available academic tools
  • Integrate high impact learning opportunities such as internships, study abroad, student organizations, and undergraduate research
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Explore career options
  • Prepare for graduation

Schedule an advising appointment

We are still here for you! Your academic advisor, either Kim Heavrin or Sam Walters, are available in-person or online via Zoom. Be sure to meet with your advisor at least once each semester to review your academic plan and identify appropriate courses for the next semester. Check your Student Center for your assigned advisor.