The Center for Health Economics Research (CHER) was established by the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI in response to the pressing need for research on health, health care, and health insurance. The Center brings together researchers across the campus and the state with interests in any area of health and health care which can be informed by economics or with implications for economic outcomes.

CHER researchers have a diverse set of interests and expertise, ranging from health insurance and health care cost growth to competition in health care markets to health-related quality of life. The Center also plays a local role in linking IUPUI to the community through shared interests in health care and research partnerships in collaboration with medical, business and government entities. In addition, CHER is linked to and supportive of the Economics Ph.D. program with a specialization in Health Economics.

NEWS:  CHER Director Anne Royalty and coauthor Laurence Baker of Stanford University have been awarded a National Institute for Health Care Management grant for their study “The Effects of Physician-Hospital Integration on Health Care Spending and Use.”  This study will investigate whether there are differences in cost and utilization of care for Medicare patients treated in physician practices that are owned by hospitals versus those that are not owned by hospitals. Findings will build the evidence base on the effects of vertical integration in health care.

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