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Connecting to Community

American Indian Programs is proud to provide cultural awareness and enrichment opportunities for a variety of community partners! Our first directive is to engage and connect with Native nations and tribes and their leadership to advance their sovereign missions. We seek to help restore and strengthen Indigenous knowledge and life-ways. It is with this goal that we have created educational programs and/or engaged in cultural knowledge conversations for governmental agencies which include the Indiana Department of Education, IPS, the U. S. Attorney's office, and the FBI. We have also provided similar training for the Indiana Genealogical Association, Boy Scouts of America, and several health and welfare groups focused on everything from Indian Child Welfare to educator training.

We are happy to provide cultural competency training for groups that have an interest in learning about sovereign Nations and a serious commitment to resolving contemporary Native American issues. One of our educational missions is to address and dismantle the harmful stereotypes that persist in K-12 education and are perpetuated in media! While our overwhelming responsibility to share this important information prevents us from asking for any honorariums, we do require a donation to either the Sindoqua Scholarship or the Flynn Memorial Native Library, both of which are tax exempt! For more information please email us at!

The following is a list of community organizations that serve and promote Native American issues:

American Indian Center of Indiana, Inc.:

The American Indian Center of Indiana (AICI) Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that promotes the empowerment of American Indians/Alaska Natives in Indiana to achieve personal, social, cultural, and economic growth that enhances their quality of life. Through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) as well as smaller education and health outreach grants AICI provides several resources for federally recognized tribal members within the Indianapolis community.

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art

IUPUI has enjoined a long partnership with the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art where ALL IUPUI Jagtag holders receive FREE ADMISSION! We engage in many collaborations and partnerships across the campus and canal and celebrate our faculty and student interns who work both for the museum and IUPUI!

The following is a list of Native American Indian Education Initiatives in Indiana:

Indiana University First Nations Education and Cultural Center (FNECC):

First Nations Educational and Cultural Center is a unit of the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Multicultural Affairs at IU Bloomington. For more information contact FNECC ( or call FNECC at(812) 855-4814.

Purdue University Native American Education Culture Center (NAECC):

Established in spring 2007 through student and campus community advocacy, the Native American Educational and Cultural Center (NAECC) at Purdue University fosters a culturally diverse and intellectually inclusive campus environment and serves as a "second home" for Native American students on campus. For more information call Felica Ahasteen-Bryant (Dine’), Director at (765) 494-4539 or email at:

Notre Dame Native American Initiatives (NAI):

Native American Initiatives (NAI) at Notre Dame was created in response to growing interest in Native American studies and topics across campus. The website above serves as a clearinghouse at Notre Dame for information about Native-related events occurring on their campus and throughout the region, and will also offer listings of courses related to Native topics. If you have suggestions for events or speakers, please contact Brian Collier at

Ball State - Native American Studies: Click here for more info

The Ball State University Anthropology Department offers a Native American Studies minor. This minor is a comprehensive study of Native Americans and supplements programs in the social sciences and those requiring a multicultural component. For more information, call the Department of Anthropology at 765-285-1575.