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WLAC Undergraduate


The IUPUI Program in German trains students to achieve communicative and cultural competence in German, i.e. to speak and write about everyday topics as well as more complex subjects.  A step-by-step progression of language courses enables students to achieve these goals.

Students will acquire a solid knowledge of contemporary life in the German-speaking countries by examining institutions, customs, and mentalities in cross-cultural contexts.  They will also develop a critical understanding of the historical and cultural movements and personalities that have shaped contemporary German culture.  In addition, students in the program have the option to study in Germany or Austria and/or to gain practical experience by working overseas.

Courses in German broaden students’ cultural horizons by providing access to a key region of central Europe.  They prepare students for a variety of careers in international business, communication, translation, travel and hospitality, education, engineering, technology and business.  Finally, combining the study of another discipline with specialization in German enables students to pursue interdisciplinary graduate studies.

The Program in German offers:

  * A Major in German
  * A Teaching Major in German toward Teacher Certification through the Transition to Teaching Program with the IU School of Education at IUPUI
  * A Minor in German
  * A Dual Degree option with the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI