Department of Sociology

Graduate Program

The IUPUI Department of Sociology offers a Master of Arts degree.  The M.A. degree is designed to prepare its students for conducting applied, policy-oriented, and basic research; to provide thorough training in the discipline’s basics for those who wish to pursue a doctoral degree elsewhere; and to equip those already in the workforce with the critical skills necessary for assessing and applying sociological knowledge in their everyday responsibilities. 

Currently, the program features a general sociology degree track as well as the option to focus course work in one formal area of concentration, medical sociology. The Medical Sociology concentration is designed for students seeking applied research and policy careers in public and private health, mental health, and social service organizations and agencies, as well as those who plan to apply to Ph.D. programs with a medical sociology concentration.  Courses examine the phenomena of health, illness, disability, mental health issues; the social organization of health care delivery; and differential access to medical resources. 

Students take a total of 36 graduate credit hours and the program of study culminates in either an internship or thesis experience. The faculty in Sociology is engaged in a wide variety of scholarly activities including research, journal editing, and community service-related projects.  Students will have opportunities to participate in these activities with faculty members and through Department- sponsored internships.  The program is designed to accommodate the needs of both full and part-time students.

Sociologists with a Master’s degree have enhanced opportunities to gain employment in a wide variety of settings. Research-related positions can be found in hospitals, medical centers, state and local government planning units, and social service agencies. Administrator or staff positions in community health agencies, youth programs, nursing homes, social service centers and community mental health centers, and other agencies are also available. Another avenue for careers is teaching social science subjects at junior high and senior high school, as well as in junior colleges and technical schools. Finally, opportunities exist for researchers and administrators in national research firms and in private "think tanks", including openings for management analysts, market researchers and human resource professionals.

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