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Writing Program

The Writing Program

Writing Program courses provide the foundation for writing in college and beyond. The IUPUI Writing Program offers core undergraduate, "gateway," writing courses. These fulfill two levels of writing requirements for most undergraduate degree programs at IUPUI.

Students generally fulfill the first level requirement with W131, but they may also place themselves into W130-W131 (Stretch) or W140 (Honors) using Guided Self-Placement

Second-level requirements are fulfilled by completing a course from several options, depending upon the student’s academic program. Those options include W230, W231 or W270. Students who completed W132 by the end of Fall 2013 do not need to take W270.

For more information on any of these courses, click here.

Diverse in content and purpose, yet united in quality, these courses support the University’s mission and its Principles of Undergraduate Learning in unique and exciting ways.

Location and Hours
Cavanaugh Hall 423
425 University Boulevard
Indianapolis IN 46202-5140
tel.: 317-274-3824
fax: 317-274-2347 

The office is generally open Monday-Friday, 8am to 4pm.


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