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    EAP Placement Test

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    By University policy, most International students must take the EAP Placement Test prior to registration for classes even if the TOEFL test has been taken. Your letter of admission from the Office of International Affairs will indicate if you are required to take this test.

    Some students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents but are not proficient (or native-like) users of English may need EAP courses. If you are in this category, you should follow the recommendations in this material on Guided-Self Placement (link here).   

    Because the EAP Placement Test is a placement test used to accurately determine English language skill level, students do not need to "prepare" for it. The scores are used to assign EAP classes that best meet students’ academic needs that will provide favorable English experiences necessary for a successful career at IUPUI.

    Graduate students for whom English is not their native or first language, as defined by University policies, are required to take the EAP Placement Test before the start of their first semester on campus and take any supplemental English courses that may be prescribed from the results of the examination. The Graduate Office monitors compliance with this campus policy.

    Test Information

    The EAP Program uses the ACT/Compass ESL Placement Test, which is a computer-adaptive test, along with an essay, to confirm your English language proficiency. The ACT/Compass ESL Placement Test consists of three parts: (1) grammar/usage (2) reading and (3) listening. This test is a placement test; there are no texts that can be studied to improve your score.

    1. ACT /Compass ESL Grammar/Usage test - This test assesses your ability to recognize and manipulate the grammatical structures and elements of Standard American English.
    2. ACT /Compass ESL Reading test - This test assesses your ability to read a variety of reading passages and understand both explicitly stated and inferred ideas.
    3. ACT /Compass ESL Listening test - This test assesses your ability to understand spoken English, including short academic-style lectures. 
    4. A written essay - This test assesses your ability to write on a specific topic in a limited period. The topic allows you to use your personal experience and observations to complete the essay; no outside source information or specific knowledge in a certain area is required. 

    There is no time limit on the ACT/Compass ESL sections of the test, but most people take about 2 to 2 ½ hours to complete the test. You can get information, including sample questions, about the EAP Placement Test at http://www.act.org/esl/.

    The scores you receive on the different parts of the placement test are used to place you into, or exempt you from, IUPUI EAP classes. The EAP classes at IUPUI are designed to provide non-native speakers of English with the academic language support needed to be successful at an American university.

    Test Dates, Registration, and Fees

    The EAP Placement Test is always given during the fall (August) and spring (January) orientation weeks sponsored by the Office of International Affairs. Students who have not already taken the EAP Placement Test will be registered for a specific test time during the orientation activities.

    Students arriving to the campus early can take the EAP Placement Test at the IUPUI Testing Center. Pay the test fee ($30.00) in the Campus Center, Student Financial Services, Room 250. Bring a picture ID (your passport is acceptable) and your test fee payment receipt when you come to the testing center.  

    The fee for the EAP Placement Test is non-refundable. You will not be permitted to take the test until you have paid the fee.


    Test Results and Retesting

    Results of the placement test will be available from your university advisor or the EAP Program Office within 10 working days from when you took the test. Scores are not given over the phone. Students admitted to IUPUI should follow the instructions in the letter for obtaining orientation and academic advising information.

    Graduate students who believe their placement test is inaccurate and who can show good causes to support this opinion (e.g. a previous high TOEFL score), can petition the Director of the Graduate Office for permission to retake the EAP Placement Test before the end of their first semester on campus. Petitions to retake the EAP Placement Test after the first semester on campus will be considered only for exceptional circumstances.

    Information for petition:
    Associate Dean, IU Graduate School
    Graduate Office
    755 W. Michigan Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
    e-mail: gradoff@iupui.edu

    Undergraduate students who have been admitted may retest once, but should wait at least one month before retesting. Your test score will be valid for one year from the test date.


    Testing Center Location and Hours

    The EAP Placement Test location is shown below. The Center is open Monday-Friday 8:30am to 8:00pm, and Saturday 8:30am to 5:00pm. IUPUI Testing Center
    801 W. Michigan Street
    BS 3003
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
    Phone: 317-274-2620

    Campus Map to Union Building

    Google Map to Union Building


    SPEAK Test

    Information about the SPEAK Test, including registration, fees, results, retesting, appeals, and scoring can be found here.


    For further EAP Placement Test, SPEAK Test, course, and program information, contact the EAP Program by phone at 317-274-2188, by visiting the office located in Cavanaugh Hall Suite 341, or by e-mail at esl@iupui.edu.


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