Department of Anthropology


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology

Completion of properly distributed credit hour requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree, as indicated in the Bulletin of the IUPUI School of Liberal Arts and the following:

Completion of 34 credit hours, with a minimum grade of C in each course, from among the following distribution of Anthropology courses (or from approved substitutions)

  • 12 Credit Hours in Core Courses
  • 18 Credit Hours in Advanced Courses (300 or above) including: one research or applied methods course, one archaeology course, one bioanthropology course, one cultural anthropology course, and two additional 300-400 level courses from a selected listing
  • 4 Credit Hours in Capstone Courses

 For more information, please click here. Also, here is a checklist of courses.

Anthropology Department Minors

Anthropology Minor

Cultural Diversity Minor