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WLAC Courses

F100: Immersion Abroad Experience (1-6 cr.)
This course designation applies to interdisciplinary immersion experiences outside of the United States, including language study in a formal academic setting, cultural exposition and immersion, guided tours and international service learning. Credit hours (1 to 6) are awarded on the basis of duration of program and classroom contact hours, but do not fulfill language requirements.

F200: World Cultures Through Literature (3 cr.)
P: W131. This course develops intercultural awareness and understanding through comparative study of the relationship between selected texts and their specific cultural context.  One theme is examined in literature and other media by a team of experts in a variety of literatures from around the world. Fulfills the comparative world culture requirement for Liberal Arts majors.

F350: Introduction to Translation Studies (3 cr.)
P: 300-level language competence. This course offers an overview in the history and theory of translation studies and beginning practice in translation. This course is taught in English but is designed for students who have 300-level competence in languages offered in the department.

F400: Islam, Gender and Conflicts (3 cr.)
This course investigates how cultural and religious differences at the local, national and global levels create an environment for conflicts in the Muslim world and how gender realities complicate these conflicts. It also explores how global shifts have increased attention to women’s issues and created possibilities for effecting change.

F450: Computers in Translation (3 cr.)
P: 300-level language class. This course is designed to prepare translators in computer technology as it relates to translation: translations in electronic form, accessing electronic dictionaries, researching on the World Wide Web, terminology management, machine translation, and computer-based translation. Taught in English, but designed for students who have competence in languages offered in the department