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Study Abroad with WLAC

Immersion abroad experiences dramatically improves language students’ listening and conversational skills and their ability to interact with people of different cultural backgrounds, while enhancing their employment opportunities in all fields. A variety of study and immersion abroad programs are available for all languages taught in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at IUPUI. Study abroad programs range from one-week-long, to one-year-long programs, and are administered by the Department of World Languages and Cultures in collaboration with the IUPUI Office of International Affairs, or by the IU Office of Overseas Study in Bloomington.


The Department of World Languages and Cultures has developed specific programs in conjunction with the Study Abroad Office:

Country    Program
Dominican Republic: Spanish language and culture
France: French language instruction in Aix-en-Provence
Germany: University of Heilbronn Summer Program
Japan: Health Care Professions
Spain: Master of Arts in the Teaching of Spanish

For all other available programs that have been approved by the university, see the sites below:


IUPUI Office of International Affairs
IUPUI Study Abroad Programs

IU Office of Overseas Study
IU Overseas Study Programs