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Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies

Globalization of business, law and trade relations and the changing US demographics have increased demand for translation skills in many fields especially: educational, medical, legal and technical. The current demand for skilled translators far outweighs the supply available.

The Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies builds on a set of successfully implemented undergraduate translation courses by a cadre of faculty experts in the field in a context of increased demand for higher credentialed professionals and academic specialists.

The Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies offers coursework leading to a Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies. Additional coursework in Interpreting is also offered.

Contact Person: Iker Zulaica
Director, MAT Program, GTC
Clinical Assistant Professor of Spanish and Spanish Linguistics
Phone: 317-278-0135

Thank you for your interest in our translation certificate. At this time the program is not accepting new applications.

Questions can be direct to:
Iker Zulaica- Director, MAT Program, GTC
Clinical Assistant Professor of Spanish and Spanish Linguistics
Phone: 317-278-0135

completion requirements 

This is an, 18 credit-hour graduate certificate program, or a total of six courses, distributed among two core courses in the history and theory of translation, and the application of computer-assisted translation technologies, followed by two

language-specific translation courses in Spanish, French or German, a linguistics course and a final internship or individual project.  Courses are offered on a rotational basis, so students in the program need to make an advising appointment as soon as possible to plan their coursework to assure they are progressing towards completion of the degree.  Twelve credit hours of coursework must be completed at IUPUI.

list of Translation courses

Core courses (6 credits): 

  • WLAC-F550 Introduction to Translation Studies (3 cr. hrs).
  • WLAC F560 Computer-Assisted Translation and Localization (3 cr. hrs)

Language-specific courses (9 credits):

  • FREN F575 Introduction to French Linguistics (3 cr.)
  • GER G551 The Structure of German (3 cr.)
  • SPAN S511 Spanish Syntactic Analysis (3 cr.)
  • SPAN S528/FREN F528/GER G528 Comparative Stylistics and Translation (3 cr. hrs)
  • SPAN S529/FREN F529/GER G529 Specialized Translation I: Business/Legal/Governmental(3 cr. hrs)
  • SPAN S530/FREN F530/ GER G530 Specialized Translation II: Scientific/Technical/Medical (3 cr. hrs) 

Applied course and fieldwork (3cr):

  • WLAC F693 Internship in Translation (3 cr. hr.)
  • WLAC F694 Final Translation Project (3 cr. hr.)


Consistent with the recommendations of the national academic and professional organizations, the graduate certificate program will ensure that all graduates have gained the knowledge, competence, critical thinking and linguistic skills to:

• Integrate the theory into the practice of translation

• Command the lexical precision, the detailed understanding of contexts or terminologies, and a nuanced sense of the purpose of language and its multiple audiences

• Understand the complexity of ethical decisions that they will have to make in their professional practice

• Discuss professionally their choices before future clients or employers